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International Beach Trips with Kids

life at the beach with toddlers
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They see me rollllllin……


I got so many messages about this after posting about it on Instagram that I thought it would just make a great blog post.  I love sharing things that make life easier because let’s face it, Mom’s we are in this together! I purchased mine on Amazon because I love getting surprises at my door step and besides the fact that the box was kinda frumpy, it saved having to lug it to my car. It got delivered right to my front door! You can click on any of the images to get the link for it on Amazon. 

life at the beach with toddlers

Beach trips with little ones can be stressful….especially, if they are really young like mine and they know what “NO” means, but they just don’t give a crap! This saved my sanity and made the trip SO much more enjoyable. Not only that, but so many people stopped us and said we were soooo smart and that they wished they would have had this available to them when their children were smaller. I had debated on buying one but I am so happy we did. I purchased it specifically for the beach trip, but I know we will get so much more use out of it this summer alone.


If you’ve ever traveled to the beach internationally, you know that you need to pack enough stuff so that you don’t need to buy it while you’re there but you also can’t back TOO much because baggage fees can be expensive. We knew that we were going to have to take something to transport little man back and forth to the beach but that a stroller wasn’t going to cut it in the sand. I realize there are other  products out there but for an international trip, we couldn’t find one that would check off all the boxes on our list when it came to traveling easy! Sooo since I”m less of a Pinterest Mom and more of an Amazon Prime kind of Mom, I went to Amazon to do some research. I found this collapsable wagon from Radio Flier and I knew I had to buy it.

Here are the top 5 reasons it made life easier at the beach:

  1. It collapses down to the size of a stroller so gate checking it was a breeze!  There’s a little handle in the middle you simply pull up on and the handle slides down to become much more compact! When you want to use it again, you push down in the middle and you’re ready to roll-litterally! haha
  2. There are straps on the inside so that you can strap them in but Levi loved riding in it so we never really used them. I’m sure these will come in handy down the road, there are straps for two children inside.
  3. It has drink holders and a place on the other side to strap things to! I took my big mom carabiner and hung it off the bag. This helped to keep his floating toy from blowing away in the wind.
  4. The sides fold down and it becomes a bench that even YOU can sit on. We took a stroll down the beach a few miles and we stopped to take in the views, zipped down the size and had a seat!
  5. He used it for naps, snack time and I even changed his diaper while at the beach…and we lugged everything back and forth each day without an arm full of stuff and it was easy to locate Greg at the beach if we went down before me. One person was able to lug the sand toys, the towels, beach bag, lotions, drinks, floaty AND a kid without the other person present!

This is us using it as a luggage carrier on the way out of customs at the airport!

My Only Regret:

I think the only thing I regret was not buying the umbrella that went with it! That’s in my shopping cart right now! We had taken another umbrella that my parents gave us but the plastic on it broke after one day. The Radio Flier ones are made to be more sturdy. Lesson learned especially since it was around $20 dollars!


You can see the wagon in the background with the umbrella we took…the one that didn’t last long!

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