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how to stay organized while traveling

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How I Stay Organized (and sane) When Traveling!

If you know me personally, you KNOWWWW how anal I am about being organized!  I annoy myself sometimes! I know some of my brides and grooms are getting ready to jet set off to their honeymoon so I thought I would share the items that I love if you’re on the same “need to organize everything in my life” path as me!

There are certain products I have learned to LOVE over the years (some from trial and error), they keep me organized when packing and unpacking and they make my life so much easier when actually traveling. I’ll share them with you below. I’m always on the lookout for things to make my life easier during travel so if you have any favorites, I’d love to hear from you!

This has litterally been my savings grace at times. You have no idea how many times I have rolled up to security (littearlly rolled up with a stroller) and have been “those people” in line that are fumbling around in our bags looking for where we put our passports. Now I roll up and boom, they are all right there. Not to mention it keeps everything neat and tidy. Our tickets go in the front, money on the inside and there’s a spot for credit cards. I feel like I have my shit together when I travel now! HAHA!
I’ve been using packing cubes for about 5 or 6 years now. Go ahead and laugh…but we all have our own colors! Mine are purple and not only does it keep your suitcase organized in general but if you’re one of the lucky ones that gets chosen for TSA to rummage thru your bag, you don’t get your suitcase back all shuffled thru. PLUS when we travel as a family, I can color coordinate them so that it’s easy to pull something out quickly should I need it. Like for instance, the time Levi crapped all up his back and we were out of “back up” clothes. I had to dig thru the suitcase to find his color and get another outfit for him. I also pre-pack outfits inside of these cubes as well so each day I just pull out a cube and it has everything I need to get ready for the day.
I use to put things in a bunch of smaller bags….until I got this. I get to my hotel room,  unzip it and then hang it! It takes up way less room on the bathroom counter (which we all know can be very small sometimes especially on a a cruise) but I can see everything right out in the open.
Electronics can take over your life as a mom. With the kids charging ports for the ipads, ipods, their phones and any other gadget they have….it all goes into one organizer for us.
Cross Body Purse:
When I travel, I don’t like wearing a backpack  because you have to keep getting it off your back to access anything so I found a cross body purse that I wear and everything is within fingers tips. I like to go hands free and it fits everything from a water bottle, my phone, my travel wallet to kids snacks and an extra diaper! 
Mom….can you carry this? We’ve all heard that a million times. This bag bungee comes in hand when you’re trying to lug your suitcase thru the airport and the bag on top (the one your kid were supposed to cary) keeps falling off. When you’re not using it, it takes up no room and it can tuck inside one of the front pockets of your suitcase.

Fun Luggage Tags:
I mean, who doesn’t love fun luggage tags. These come in handy when your bags look like everyone else’s bag on the conveyer belt. I often use these and the straps below to identify our bags so we can bust out of that popsicle stand.
Suitcase Swag:
…and lastly, like I mentioned above, I use these to help identify our bags. BUT they do also serve a purpose. I’ve had suitcases ruined in the process of traveling before and no, just because you put “fragile” on it, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to chuck it across the room when they are loading it…they don’t give a crap. These so help hold it together if you have a zipper broke….trust me, I know ALLLLLL about it!

I hope you get “your shit together” and these help you travel a little organized! haha!


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