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how personal development books changed my life

how personal development books changed my life
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Changing the Cycle using Personal Development Books

How Personal Development Books Changed the Course of my Life:


how personal development books changed my life



We all have obstacles. Some of them are handed to us at birth and some of them we create in our mind and some that don’t REALLY exist. When I was in school growing up, I think I created more obstacles for myself than I was actually born with….a lot of them were invisible but at the time, they felt very real. I felt like I had all the odds stacks against me. Looking around at my much more fortunate friends, I would often get stuck into the “well, this is how it is” mentally.

Often when I go into the high school’s to speak about my photography business or business in general, I look around the room and see myself in so many of them. They are taught their entire school life that they can “go after their dreams”, “the sky is the limit”, “anything is possible”…except in their mind, they think it’s not possible because of all the barriers they were born with-or created in their mind. THE SAME ones I thought were stacked against me.

What am I talking about?

  • Generational Poverty- means when a family has lived in poverty for more than 2 generations.
  • Teenage Pregnancy – children born to teenage parents who lack education resulting in lower income
  • Substance Abuse- one or both parent who addicted to alcohol/drugs
  • Domestic Violence- both physical and mental abuse

All of which are VERY real…and scary and can make you believe that “this is all there is?”.

Rise Above Your Raising

I like to watch Dr. Phill because I think I like his no nonsense approach to helping families. (Yes I realize he’s a TV personality but roll with me here). He just tells it like it is and he has a saying he has told a guest or two: “You have to raise above your raising”. I resonate with that SO much. I certainly had obstacles: teenage parents, generational poverty, substance abuse, I’ve had relatives go to jail for some horrific crimes-so much so that I wanted so badly to change my last name growing up. If you knew me in school, chance are you didn’t know half of that. I put on a smile and used humor to escape a lot of it.

I had it constantly engrained in my mind that my life was a lot harder (and was supposed to be) than let’s say my classmate who had parents who had their masters degree, had secure jobs and weren’t worried about where the money for the next bill was going to come from. There’s a level of stress that comes along with that and it tends to shape you. It shapes the way you feel about money, the way you feel about success and the way you feel about those who were able to obtain both.

I always knew there had to be more….so I started looking for it. I can’t remember the reason, perhaps it was an economics class that required us to read the first personal development book but I was hooked.

I wanted more proof.

Many of the authors had overcome obstacles like mine-some even worse and were able to “rise above their raising” and make something of themselves. Not just “something” but go on to be some of the world most successful! The dialect I had in my head started to fade and was replaced with “there is more than this!”. They all had one thing in common-they had a script in their heads MUCH different than the one I was using for so many years or the one I grew up surrounded by….and I wanted more of it. More positivity and more proof.

I’m not really sure how but I started following Dave Ramsey.  I read almost every one of his books, listened to his podcasts, followed him on social media and created some solutions and some hope to what my life could become. I was on a mission, even when I met Greg, I told him that my goal was to “change the cycle” and that has been our motto ever since. He too came from some not ideal family situations and since we were both on the same page, we were able to work together and create (and still creating) a life we wanted.

Change your script.

I found out that the obstacles I was creating in my mind -although they were VERY real-weren’t what was going to determine if I was successful or not. It was the script in my head that would determine that.

They say you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with AND the books you read. I will preach this until I die from the roof tops. If you are reading this and you see yourself stuck in a negative mindset, you think “this is all there is” or you feel like you’re not in control of your future. I challenge you to pick up a book. You’re not a reader? There are so many podcasts/audio books that this is no longer an excuse. Evaluate the attitude of the people you hang out with consistently and make a conscience effort to change your script and rise above your raising and you can change everything about your life including your health!

Here is a list of a few of my favorites that I read at the beginning:

(Not Pictured) but probably one of the most influential:
Rich Dad/Poor Dad- Robert T. Kiyosaki

Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey 

The Millionaire Next Door- Thomas J. Stanley 

The Secret- Rhonda Byrne 

The Magic of Thinking Big- David Schwartz 

Think and Grow Rich- Napoleon Hill   

How to Win Friends and Influence Others- Dale Carnegie 

If you enjoyed the post or found inspiration in it, I would be grateful if you shared the wealth-no pun intended! <3 I’d also love to hear what book you’re currently reading-I’m always looking for new inspiration myself!

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