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grill on fire
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For me… shopping is a continuous cycle of picking things up, wondering if you can cook it, putting it back down, and then leaving with only a bag potato chips and ice cream. I mean let’s be real! hah!

This was a video I posted on Instagram back in June. Greg had caught on camera my cooking skills. I was TRYINGGGG to make hamburgers….complete fail! (click on the image to see the video and a laugh at my expense) We ended up having to order out that night and I was really looking forward to a juicy burger! haha!  I won’t deny it either…I suck in the kitchen. Greg got the short end of the stick when it comes to that. All of my friends know it and it’s often the butt of many jokes. Maybe it was because my Mom never really spent much time in the kitchen so I didn’t really learn all the little tricks and tips. Most of our meals were “on the go” kinds of meals because she was a single mom with “things to do!”. I know I’m not the only one who sucks at cooking…so to all my fellow food burners and recipe killers, here are a few products even *I* can use and still manage to cook a decent meal. And before you ask, YES, I can boil water!

grill on fire

For you convenience, there are affiliate links in this post so that you can easily find things I’m mentioning. The price never changes for you however, I earn a small commission.  Here’s a link to my full disclosure.

Instant Pot

Ok, let me just tell you a story. This little machine…not only makes me look like I know what I’m doing in the kitchen BUT it also embarrassed the hell out of me. I was so excited when I first bought it that I went around telling my friends and family (and people in the super market) about the new “neti pot” I just bought. It never dawned on me why they were giving me a puzzled look until I mentioned my “neti pot” around my kitchen savy friend and she laughed…..really hard. It’s an INSTANT pot! And that there folks is how you look dumb when you thought you had your shit together! haha!

Regardless that I called it a gadget people stick up their nose, I love it and let me tell you why….you literally hit a button and walk away. You throw all of your food inside (literally I throw it in!), set it for the appropriate time and then BOOM it magically cooks your food. You can saute your food, slow cook your food and like the infomercial: set it and forget it! It does the work of several appliances all in one.

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Air Fryer

You guys, it cooks with AIR….not grease. They actually say “air is the new oil!” THANK YOU BABY JESUS for this one because I suck at booking …..throw in some hot grease and good LAWD you’re asking for it! I know that any chance I TRY to cook, there is a chance for a fire-keep YO grease as far away from me as you can! haha!

But seriously, think of all the food that you would have typically turned away because of calories…….gimme all the fries.

Get the Air Fryer here on Amazon

air fryer If you already have these, I’d love to hear your favorite recipes. I’m trying to add to my list of things “jen can cook”. haha!


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