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Amazon Prime for Students

You know as well as I that you are supposed to AVOID Walmart at ALLL costs a few days before college move in day. I live near a college town (and even when I was a current college student) this was the unspoken rule in our area! For the love of god-just don’t do it. Thousands of students are flocking into small town USA from all over the United States with grid locked traffic, hard to find parking, check out lines out the wa-zoo not to mention EVERYONE is cranky and no one is friendly because….chaos! And it always seems that they close down every checkout line filtering everyone thru one lane! It’s like Black Friday ALLLLL over again! Sure I still like going to the brick and mortar stores every once in a while, BUT,  I do most of my shopping on Amazon. Let’s face it and be honest….the UPS guy is easy on the eyes, that’s the real reason! haha! But in all honesty, I feel like it’s Christmas when packages arrive and the free 2 day shipping is pretty awesome.
When I learned about the perks that college students could get, I wanted to share because we all love saving a little money-especially when tuition is cray cray.

Did you know?

College students actively enrolled in at least one course at a college in the U.S. or Puerto Rico can sign up for a six-month free trial of Amazon Prime. Yeah..ok, that’s cool BUT what I think is even more awesome is AFTER your trial has ended, you’re eligible for a “discount” on the fee so instead of paying the regular $99 that us regular folk have to pay, they drop it down to $49 for four years or until you gradate-whichever comes first.

What do you get?

  • In addition to the free two day shipping (I cannot guarantee your UPS guy will be as hot as mine)
  • unlimited streaming of thousands of movies
  • TV shows thru Prime Video
  • access to unlimited photo storage thru Prime Photos
  • student-exclusive deals and discounts
  • access to Twitch Prime, a collection of benefits on

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