Hey Friends! My name is Jen McKen. I prefer my gray Converse over heels, I love the smell of coconut and suntan lotion, I’m always up for a road trip AND I will never NEVER turn down a taco!

I got my start in the blogging world in 2008 as a wedding and portrait photographer. I’m the gal in Southwestern, PA  who wrote a viral blog post, that got lots of press around the world, entitled “I won’t photograph ugly people” -no, it’s not what it sounds like, trust me-go read it. I’m the Mom of a teenager AND a toddler-I’ve got the best of both worlds! I’m a wife to Greg “the car guy”,  a wedding and portrait photographer, business owner and lifestyle + family finance blogger.

photographer refuses to photograph high school students after she found them bullying students on social media

I’m a graduate of the School of Hard Knock in a small town just outside of Pittsburgh. I’ve lived in my fair share of “temporary housing” and moved too many times before the first grade to count. We finally settled into a trailer that I could call my home thru high school.   I’m the daughter of teenage parents, I’m a first generation high school AND college graduate and I’m the first one in my family to have ventured out on this crazy path of entrepreneurship to start a business. I didn’t have anyone blazing the trail for me, I figured (and am still figuring) it out on my own along the way. I used my talent, my grit and a lot of humor to get myself out of the poverty I grew up in.

Greg had a very similar upbringing to mine. We both learned about the gift of delayed gratification early on because when you don’t have it, you learn to make the best of what you currently have.  Being frugal and smart with our money, we managed to get our selves out of a combined total of $250K of debt made up of credit card, student loan, business and mortgage debt. We are actively changing the cycle for our family . I’d love to share with you our debt free journey, fun things like travel, parenting, photography mixed in with a little humor. If you’re a young professional, mom of children, who likes photography and loves to laugh-you might enjoy reading this blog.

This isn’t your average blog. I’m not a “Pintrest Mom”, I’m more of an “Amazon Prime” kind of Mom. HA!  Although, I can take pretty photos, I don’t have a crafty bone in my body. I’m a horrible cook and I wasn’t the valedictorian of my school and as you’ll soon find out, I’m horrible with grammar. #kiddingNOTkidding  If you’re looking for any form of perfection, you won’t find it here.  I keep it down-home, back-woods, take-it-or-leave-it for REALSIES on this blog.

I’ve been described as a down to earth, people loving, small town gal. I am a leeetle bit sarcastic, HUGELY sentimental and I like to think that I’m damn good at my job! I’m organized to a fault, being late is my pet peeve and I believe chocolate and duct tape fix EVERYTHING! I love watermelon and I’m a bigger Instagram geek than you can possibly fathom.  I’m super easy to get along with, I’m approachable and I’m not afraid to laugh at myself!